Sarge’s Satire Series: Skeletor is a Jerk!


Sarge has a wildly imaginative and oftentimes sarcastic sense of humor.  It’s been cultivated over years of uniformed service with USMC and as a LEO.  Sometimes those guys just have to laugh so they don’t cry.  Honestly, I’m pretty sure some of these toys speak to him…. and he listens! 

Here is a series Sarge created entitled ‘Skeletor is a Jerk!’  For a couple of weeks, Sarge carried Masters of the Universe (MOTU) The Loyal Subjects figures around with him all the time, just in case the right scenario pops up for Skeletor to show his true colors!  We looked for tiny props – still looking for just the right sized toilet!

“I hope you like your chili spicy…..why? Because Skeletor is a jerk 💀🌶️🥵🔥
My specialty is chili….ok scratch that, all I know how to cook is chili 😏 but it’s good. It has the 3 B’s Beef, Beer and Beans. Well 4 B’s if you count the blaze🔥”


What is it about evil doers?! 🤔
When they are not plotting to overthrow the world or defeat their respective nemesis they can be found breaking all societal norms….🚫
Can his empty sockets not read? 👀 Did he just neglect to see the clearly posted sign?
Nah, Skeletor’s just a jerk…..💀💀

I keep telling him gambling is bad….and that he doesn’t have any money….and that he’s doing it wrong….. but he doesn’t listen….. Errr 💀

Pretty sure he’s going to get us booted out of here👢
Plus he’s just loud😣

Really, how is He-man suppose to work on his tan with Ol’Skelly kicking sand in his face!!! Way to ruin vacation Skeletor 🏖️💀
Guess I should have expected it considering….
Skeletor is a jerk…..

Of all the dumb things Skeletor is known for, ticking off Evil-Lyn is probably up there on the scale of things that will get you hurt.
Plus Teela is way out of your league you bag of bones.
But it doesn’t matter because at the end of the day we all know it…
Skeletor is a jerk!!

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