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Sarge's Satire Series: Sarge & Red's Day Spa

Posted on November 10 2019

Sarge's Satire Series: Sarge & Red's Day Spa

Sarge has a wildly imaginative, and oftentimes sarcastic, sense of humor.  It's been cultivated over years of uniformed service with USMC and as a LEO.  Sometimes those guys just have to laugh so they don't cry.  And, to be honest, I'm pretty sure some of these toys speak to him.... and he listens! 


The Inhumanoids very own Tendril stopped by for some R&R.

Feeling rundown? Seem to be stuck in a rut? Well, fear not. Sarge & Red's Day Spa* has just the thing to get you recharged!

Our customer testimonials speak for themselves!

Tendril ~ I feel so refreshed and ready to conquer Earth, thanks S&R!

*Sarge & Red's Day Spa is a fictional location, stay out of my yard 🧐



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