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Just "Smurfy"

Posted on November 10 2019

There was money spread all over the bed, spilled out of two piggy banks.  Tripp kept asking me math equations, which he does on the regular these days, but this time he was adding up his bills.  You see, when your dad runs a toy shop – he comes home with neat looking toys almost every day.  This evening, he came in with a bag full of Smurfs.  (well, that’s a phrase I never imagined using – a bag full of Smurfs!) As we looked through them, a few caught Tripp’s attention.

A Smurf holding a hot dog?  Yes, please!  Dad promptly named him “Weiner Smurf” I have no idea who this Smurf really is, but John’s name for him seems right!  It’s just “smurfy!”  (sorry I couldn’t help myself!)

 We’re trying to teach Tripp the value of things plus he now understands how Dad sells toys – and so he wanted to know how much the Weiner Smurf costs.  But, Tripp needs to work on his negotiating skills.  When Dad told him, it would be $5… and then he offered to pay for it – Dad refused; telling him that he wouldn’t take his money.  He couldn’t really take his sparkly tooth fairy money!  So, in response, Tripp offered $16!  In the end, Tripp went to bed holding on to his Weiner Smurf and I stuffed some sparkly crumpled bills back into his piggy bank. 

 Yeah, we probably “smurfed” over an ideal opportunity to impart a life lesson here.  But that’s the thing about parenting… it never looks like it does on TV.  And hindsight is definitely 20/20. 


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