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45157 Van Dyke Ave Utica MI 48317

Major Facelift

45157 Van Dyke in Utica, a formerly drab grey, brick building has sat forlorn and vacant since the 1990’s but it’s finally received a bright red facelift outside and a total renovation inside .The back half of the building dates back to the early 1900’s while the front half has been standing since the 1960’s.

Hard Work = Transformation

Inside has seen residences, a dentist office, a day care, and last a novelty shop.  Some remember ‘the ol Utica Novelty Shop’ where one could buy fake puke, stink bombs, Halloween costumes and racy cards.  Kismet would have it that this building is now home to a premier vintage toy shop. Oh yes, the walls house some of those same racy cards, gag gifts, new toys, and lots of throwback toys from the 70’s thru today.